6 Biggest Benefits of Cardio Exercises

We can’t stress enough how cardio is important for leading a healthy and happy life. By exercising only half an hour per day, our body creates chemicals (endorphin, serotonin, dopamine) that make depression and anxiety at bay. Here are six biggest benefits of cardio.


Depression is best threated with a regular exercise program where your consistency matters in maintaining the effects of this program. It is scientifically proven that all you need is twenty minutes of exercise per day to help fight depression.

twenty minutes of exercise per day to help fight depression.2.

Anxiety can be a serious problem that can have an effect on your social life and leave you stranded on the isle of solitude. Luckily that’s nothing that a good cardio program can’t fix.


Mental health is also something we must address to and keep as important as our diet or amount of sleep. Everything from hiking to jogging in nature can greatly improve your mental picture. Mostly due to a chemical compound in our body, cardio can increase the amount of those chemicals so that our mind erases all the negative and harmful that it constructs in the form of thought.


It improves your metabolism in ways you couldn’t imagine. Everything from liver function to heart and lungs is effected by a good cardio program. Our body takes care of itself, but to do so, we must provide with what it needs. In this case, it’s exercise, next to a good diet, which makes our bodies a self-sufficient mechanism.


Although it doesn’t cure diabetes, it regulates it and keeps bad diabetes-related things from happening. If you think about it, diabetes is something that your body created, so it must be that the effects can be reversed. With enough cardio and a good diet it certainly can be no matter what expert say.


It’ll affect your social life. By exercising we build muscles, thus making our bodies more appealing. And not only that your love life will improve, but your social life as well, as being satisfied with your body will be noticed by those around you.